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DUCTZ of Tampa Bay, formerly DUCTBUSTERS®, in Clearwater, Florida, was founded after repeated requests from A/C service customers who were trying to find a safe method for cleaning and sanitizing their air conditioning equipment.

At the time, the only people in the duct cleaning business used controversial techniques and were very high priced for the level of service being performed. These factors were giving the entire industry the look of being a scam. One day, an A/C service customer called to discuss how her system might be cleaned, if we were to do it. After a lengthy conversation, she finally insisted that we do the job for her and a date during the following week was agreed upon. Inspecting her system, we were amazed at just how much debris had accumulated in the return air plenum. She had 2 large dogs and the bottom of the return plenum was covered with a layer of hair. The air conditioner evaporator coil was completely plugged with slime mold, which had also clogged up the drain line. The first five feet of supply plenum was very dark in color with signs of mold build-up and the supply registers were stained with nicotine deposits and dirt streaks.

That first job took 2 men a total of 20 long hours to complete. The next morning the customer called to thank us one more time. More importantly, she told us that her next-door neighbor wanted her house done as soon as we could schedule it. At that point, we decided that our mission would be to provide a safe method for reducing indoor air pollution and minimizing the effects of building-related problems. We also wanted to provide specialized attention to the air conditioning system so we could maximize the unit's efficiency, while still providing a safe, clean method of reducing dust, pollen, mold, dander and bacteria in the indoor environment. DUCTBUSTERS® was born and incorporated in 1989.

Now in its 20th year of operation, DUCTZ of Tampa Bay, formerly DUCTBUSTERS®, prides itself on providing the highest quality work in the industry. DUCTZ holds the patent on a "Foil-Lining Process", uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and is considered the forerunner in the industry. The Clearwater, Florida based operation has grown into the Nation's largest IAQ remediation network, with franchises throughout the country.

"Trained and certified by NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, I am a DUCTZ Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC System Cleaning professional. My DUCTZ company provides customers with Air Duct Cleaning service, HVAC System Cleaning and Restoration service, as well as Dryer Vent Cleaning service in the St. Petersburg / Tampa FL area."

— Ken Ray, President

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